CEO & Co-Founder

Leandro Popik

Leandro has been organizing innovative events and unique travel experiences since his early teens. These passions moved him to create a company in his late twenties, which went on to become ESA Latin America and to have a simple mission: to pioneer destination management for business events in Latin America.


After almost twenty years as Co-Founder, Co-Owner, and Chief Executive Officer of ESA Latin America, Leandro feels as if the work of building a great company is just getting started, and that making game-changing improvements by challenging convention is the only way to deliver on the promise of Excellent Service Always (ESA) as the company continues to grow.


His biggest asset is having lived in Argentina, Brazil, and the United States during his upbringing, which exposed him to different people and cultures. This upbringing later led him to study international relations and to become fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, English, and French.


His biggest pride is his family, built with his wife and life partner Paula. They currently live in the United States and are parents to three wonderful children.