Managing Director, Chile

Natalia Castillo

At the young age of five, Natalia moved to Gainesville, Florida, home of the Florida Gators, where she lived for the next 13 years. Her family (especially her mother) always longed to return to Chile, her home country and eventually moved there in 2003. Since then, Natalie has fallen in love with her native land!

Her extensive background in travel and hospitality, and her love for the industry, have given her many great opportunities, not only in Chile but abroad as well, including working for an exclusive 5-star hotel in Dubai, UAE. These fantastic experiences have helped to grow her passion for her work, and for excellent customer service.

Although she has traveled extensively around the world and loves to learn about new cultures, her heart is always in Chile. She considers herself lucky to live in a country of such stunning natural abundance and enjoys sharing her love of her country with others!

When not at work, you can find Natalia at the movie theater watching a new movie, at the latest bar/restaurant in Santiago, or at the Buddhist meditation center she goes to at least twice a month to disconnect and meditate for an hour or so!