Rio de Janeiro


From the classic Copacabana Palace Hotel, to the elegant neighborhood of Ipanema, to its towering Mount Corcovado, Rio is rich with natural splendor. It is the embodiment of an incentive destination, offering a star-studded list of experiences such as Sugar Loaf Mountain, the Christ Redeemer statue, Guanabara Bay, the Carnival festival, and famous beaches. Rio is also nestled around the largest urban forest in the world, the Tijuca National Forest, and the city itself was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  

Fun Facts

• 20,000 new hotel rooms were built in for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. 

• Rio de Janeiro, which translates into January River, was discovered on January 1st, 1502.

• Rio was made the capital of the Portuguese empire in 1808, replacing Lisbon, when French forces invaded Portugal.

Exclusive Experiences

• Depart from a helipad on Sugar Loaf Mountain, soar over the city, circle the massive Christ Redeemer Statue, and land back on Sugar Loaf for lunch or a cocktail.

• Organize your own beach-sport tournament on Copacabana beach. 

• Attend a soccer match at Maracana stadium, do a private tour, and even host a private dinner there.