Salvador is best known for its Portuguese-colonial architecture and tropical coastline. It is also the heart of the Afro-Brazilian culture, which has created its own unique cuisine, music, and dance. The historical quarter, Pelourinho, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the quintessential example of the city’s famous Portuguese-colonial facades. It is the heart of the city center with its cobblestone streets open up to large plazas, colorful buildings, and baroque churches.  

Fun Facts

• Salvador was the first capital of Brazil and remained so until 1763. 

• Visitors to its Carnival have dubbed the city the Capital of Happiness.

• When it was founded, Salvador’s original name was São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos, which means “Holy Savior of All Saints Bay” in Portuguese. It is now known simply as Salvador.


Exclusive Experiences

• Attend the largest Carnival in the world, which revolves around everyone parading and dancing, in contrast to the Rio Carnival’s flamboyant costumes and televised competition. 

• Taste the Preto culture at a traditional Afro-Brazilian restaurant with local entertainment. 

• Take a day trip to Praia do forte, a picturesque costal village lined with high-end beach resorts away from the crowds of busier tourist beaches.