Fortaleza is best known for its red-cliff beaches lined with palm trees, and is a favored vacation destination among Brazilians. The popular party beach neighborhood of Praia de Iracema if full of lively nightclubs for a true local night out on the town, as well as restaurants, a former 19th-century jail with craft shops in the cells, and the Museum of Art and Popular Culture. Fortaleza is very well known for its fish and local artisan markets, offering some of the freshest and most famous seafood around.

Fun Facts

• Fortaleza was one of the host cities for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  

• Founded in 1500, Fortaleza means fortress.

• It is possible to reach Fortaleza nonstop from Europe flying through Lisbon.

Exclusive Experiences

• Take a full day trip to the beautiful beach village of Jericoacoara, and relax on its white-sand beaches lined with hammocks. 

• Visit the Cachaça Museum. Set in a beautiful colonial-style building, you can also enjoy Cachaça tastings, and make the best capirinha, Brazil’s most famous drink.

• Visit the Dragao do Mar Center of Art and Culture, a cultural center complete with exhibitions, a theater, a library, a cinema and a planetarium.