Natal was founded on December 25th, 1599, and means Christmas in Portuguese. It is a famous tourist attraction for its natural beauty, historical monuments, beaches, and off-season Carnival, the Carnatal. Tourism is the most important industry of Natal, and the city has invested heavily in it. Over the last few years, the local government invested in building a new airport in Natal, which opened in May 2014, and was the first major airport in Brazil to be run by the private sector. 

Fun Facts

• Natal is the state capital of Brazil closest to Africa and Europe. 

• Natal was one of the host cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  

• Brazil is a large producer of cashews, and the largest cashew tree in the world is located in Natal.

Exclusive Experiences

• Experience its famous sand dunes on a 4x4 dune buggy expedition with an experienced driver.   

• Embark on a full day trip to Praia do Pipa, one of Natal’s most popular beaches, for dolphin sightings. 

• Enjoy a guided walking tour of Natal’s Dunas Park, the second largest urban park in Brazil.