Villarica is located on the western shore of Lake Villarica, in Southern Chile. It is most famous for being home to the Villarica Volcano, which stands in the Chilean Central Valley as one of three large stratovolcanoes. Villarica is extremely rich in cultural diversity, and has lovely five-star resort properties with panoramic views of the beautiful landscape. Throughout the city one finds odes to its Germanic roots; the customs, traditions, and food coming primarily from the Swiss, German, and Austrian immigrants that moved to the region in the 19th century. In the nearby town of Pucon, one finds every outdoor activity possible. 

Fun Facts

• Villarrica was founded in 1552, by Spanish explorers. 

• Swiss National Day festivities are held every 1st of August in the old city to commemorate its Germanic roots. 

• Villarica is one of the seven lakes that make up Chile’s lake district. 

Exclusive Experiences

• Hike up the Villarica volcano and later enjoy lunch with a Mapuche indigenous community. 

• Experience Pucon, the adventure capital of Chile. 

• Swim in the region’s famous thermal hot springs.