Easter Island


A place unlike any other, Easter Island has experiences and staggering facts not found elsewhere in the world. This remote island in Polynesia was annexed to Chile in 1888, and is most famous for its monumental Moai statues. Created by its early people, the Rapa Nui, they are a phenomenon in their own right. So historically rare and rich is the destination, that the whole Island is a UNESCO World Heritage site. One of the most remote inhabited islands in the world, there are very few places that provide this great escape. 

Fun Facts

• In 2015 archeologists discovered that the Moai statues are massive full body statues, with their bodies buried underground. 

• The island’s name came from its first recorded European visitor, Jacob Roggeveen, a Dutch explorer who encountered it on Easter Sunday in 1722. 

• The nearest inhabited land of 50 residents is 2,075 km. (1290 miles) away, and the nearest continental point is 3,512 km. (2,180 miles) away in Chile.

Exclusive Experiences

• See one of the 887 Moai statues, found nowhere else on Earth. 

• Live the Rapa Nui culture with dance and music performances, and one-on-one interaction.  

• Meditate or simply relax to truly get away from it all.