Playa Blanca & Buenaventura


The Playa Blanca and Buenaventura area is a 60km. (37-mile) stretch of beaches complete with high-end hotels, overwater bungalows, tourist activities and attractions; it is ideal for total relaxation. In this Riviera, you’ll find the beach towns of Punta Chame, Nueva Gorgona, Playa Coronado, Turiscentro, San Carlos, El Palmar, Rio Mar, Santa Clara and Farallon. The closest beach city to Panama City is only 50 miles (80 km.) away.

Fun Facts

• The Panamanian Riviera is home to many vacation and retirement communities of ex-patriots primarily from North America, South America, and Europe. 

• The Riviera is close to the Anton Valley, which offers a beautiful change in scenery, to mountainous and lush forest landscapes with great eco-tourism.

• The Riviera’s beaches are tranquil, a nice contrast to the crowded beaches of more touristy destinations. 

Exclusive Experiences

• Golf at an ocean-side 18-hole golf course.

• Finish a day of relaxation at the beach with a massage at a world-class spa.

• Practice your favorite water sport: jet-skiing, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, and sailing.