Gamboa Rainforest


The Gamboa Rainforest is one of nature’s most unique natural environments and habitats. It explains, better than any other part of the country, the origin of its name; Panama, in the indigenous language means land of natural abundance. This beautiful rainforest offers astounding bio-diversity of wildlife, including colorful butterflies, toucans, sloths, and cappuccino monkeys. It is covered year round by green tree canopies, and lush vegetation. At Gamboa, you will be welcomed by the indigenous Embera inhabitants, congregated in small villages, with just a few families in each, where their ancestral arts, crafts, and customs are kept alive.

Fun Facts

• The Gamboa Rainforest is only 40 minutes from Panama City avoiding traffic.

• The Chagres River runs through the city, the rainforest, and makes up what is the Panama Canal. 

• Panama is home to more types of birds than the US and Canada combined.

Exclusive Experiences

• Speed past the massive cargo vessels making their way through the canal on speedboat tours.  

• Cable car tours take you deep into the jungle, and are easily managed for groups. 

• Sunset cocktails overlooking the Chagres River and the rainforest is the perfect way to end your day at Gamboa.