Panama’s glorious countryside, Chiriqui has a stunning mountain range, coffee and flower plantations, the Baru volcano, and enchanting villages. It is only 1 hour flight from Panama City, and is Panama’s coffee region. In the 19th and 20th centuries there was a huge influx of European and North American coffee farmers who came to set their stakes in the famed soil. Today, Chiriqui bears fruit from these farms, and offers some of the best coffee in the world. Come enjoy the Panamanian mountainside, see the sun rise over the Baru volcano and sip a hot cup of local coffee.

Fun Facts

• Chiriqui produces the most expensive Geisha Coffee in the world, costing upwards of USD 770 a kilogram (USD 350 a pound). 

• En route to the Baru volcano there is a magnetic point where the force is so great that vehicles can go uphill with the motor off. 

• The Gold Rush of 1850 called some North Americans back up the continent.

Exclusive Experiences

• Visit a coffee plantation to learn about the process of farming coffee, how to enjoy the best cup of coffee, and of course, take part in coffee tastings. 

• Take a tour down the inactive Baru volcano. 

• Go on a rafting or kayaking adventure through the Chiriqui River and into the Pacific.