Anton Valley


The Anton Valley is just over an hour from Panama City. It is the second largest inhabited dormant volcano in the world. The eruption of the volcano left an abundance of volcanic hills and rocks. Defined by some as the place of Eternal Spring in Panama, Anton Valley offers magnificent landscapes, with thick green vegetation, streams, waterfalls, butterflies, birds, fish, and other wildlife. It also offers a fresh climate in comparison to Panama City due to its altitude; Anton town is at 600 meters (1900 feet) over sea level, and higher hills reaching 1000 meters surround it. The history of the place can be felt at La Pintada, where you can find still un-deciphered petroglyphs from ancient aboriginals.

Fun Facts

• See the breathtaking Panamanian golden frog, a beautiful and endangered species. 

• Discover the square tree, unique in the world for its square trunk. 

• Many come to the Anton Valley as a sanctuary for meditation.

Exclusive Experiences

• Zip-line and walk across roped bridges through the rainforest’s canopies. 

• Guided walks and hikes through the mountains surrounding the valley take you through scenic views, waterfalls, and sugar mills. 

• Visit farmer and artisan markets, where indigenous peoples come from the mountains to sell their goods and crafts.