San Blas


Spread along Panama’s Caribbean coast, this archipelago is one of the very few inhabited places in the world that has remained virgin throughout time. Its people, the Guna indigenous tribe, remain true to their natural habitat and pre-Columbian ways, living an autonomous lifestyle on tiny isles scattered along the blue and emerald waters. San Blas is a crystal-clear water paradise where life is lived at the pace of centuries past.

Fun Facts

• The archipelago has 365 islands, only 80 of which are inhabited by the Gunas.

• Three Guna reservations have legal political autonomy from the Panamanian government. 

• The archipelago was formally known in the Guna language as Kuna Yala. In 2011, the name was officially changed by Panamanian authorities, to Guna Yala because there is no phonetic way of pronouncing the letter “k” in the Guna language. 

Exclusive Experiences

• Visit a Guna village where they will welcome you into their huts, give you cooking lessons, and show you how to make some of their famous tropical crafts.

• Visit an uninhabited island to spend the day truly uninterrupted by nothing but the ocean waves crashing. 

• Stay overnight at overwater bungalows.