Cusco + The Sacred Valley


At the very heart of the Inca world lie Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Defined as “a Spanish city with Incan bones,” there is perhaps no better way to describe Cusco’s charming cobble-stoned streets lined with white colonial style buildings founded on massive Inca stones. It has a Spanish appearance, and an Incan spirit. It’s a magical place, nestled within the equally enchanting Sacred Valley that surrounds it.

Fun Facts

• The Inca Empire lasted less than 100 years.

• The Sacred Valley to the Incas is believed to be the home of the Gods. 

• One of Cusco’s most unique attributes is its nightlife, with music coming from its bars and discos, that feed into the main plaza, which is surrounded by the city’s glistening hills.

Exclusive Experiences

• Privatize a colonial convent or monastery for a gala dinner. Depending on the group size, the bell towers can be used for pre-dinner drinks. 

• Have lunch overlooking the Moray ruins. A private tent, catered lunch, and dance entertainment with Andean musicians will make it unforgettable. 

• Visit the town of Chincero, where local women demonstrate how they clean, dye, and weave Alpaca wool to make their famous artisanal crafts.