Lima was founded as the capital of the viceroyalty of Peru by the Spanish in 1535, and to this day plays a pivotal role. Not only is it a stronghold for the country; it is one of the main business capitals in Latin America. Lima is known today as the Gastronomic Capital of the Americas, and has beautiful backdrops such as its Historic Center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the pre-Incan ruins scattered throughout the city.

Fun Facts

• The United National Climate Change Conference (2014), the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Global Conference (2015), and the Pan American Games (2019) have all chosen to take place in Lima. 

• Lima’s metropolitan area is the fifth most populous in all of Latin America. 

• Lima is home to the oldest continuously functioning university in the Americas, The National University of San Marcos founded in 1551.

Exclusive Experiences

• Host a dinner in the oldest dwelling colonial mansion in the Americas, the Casa Aliaga. See how this estate has remained intact for over 17 Aliaga generations. 

• Dine at one of Lima’s two restaurants that are listed among the 50 best restaurants in the world. 

• Relax at the largest spa in all of Latin America.