The Tambopata National Reserve is in the Peruvian Amazon Basin, and protects the forest grounds on either side of two rivers (Heath and the Tambopata) that house two important ecosystems. These ecosystems are noted for their biodiversity, representing staggering native flora and fauna numbers. Tambopata is the hub for eco-tourism experiences in Peru, deep in the rainforest jungle.

Fun Facts

• There is a direct flight from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado, where the Tambopata Rainforest is located. 

• Tambopata has 1300 species of butterflies.

• The Macaw Clay Lick is a phenomenon where early in the morning hundreds of Macaws (giant parrots) feed along the muddy banks of the river and transform the brown wall into a colorful mosaic of birds.

Exclusive Experiences

• Venture through the rainforest at night to see animals that cannot be found during the day.  

• Take a nocturnal motorboat excursion through the river in search of Caiman, an alligator-crocodile. 

• Stay in the rainforest with the comforts of 5 star amenities at a luxurious thatched-roof hut hotel connected by rope bridges.