Buenos Aires


At the turn of the 19th century, Buenos Aires rivaled the top European capitals in art, architecture and aristocratic culture. All throughout Buenos Aires influences of this golden era are found. This fondness left Buenos Aires with beautiful buildings that are stunning venues and hotels today. Walking through Buenos Aires is like walking through a European city in South America. It is a culture to be experienced, and very uniquely its own. 

Fun Facts

• Visit two countries in a day! Uruguay is only a 50-minute ferry ride from Buenos Aires. 

• The famous San Telmo street market happens once a week; don’t miss it!

• The Caminito is a colorful street that pays tribute to Argentina’s immigrants, which contributed heavily to the city’s culture, including the tango.

Exclusive Experiences

• Privatize a building of the Belle Époque for a gala dinner.

• Attend a soccer match, tour the stadium and museum, cater a private lunch in the stands, and organize your own soccer match on the field. 

• Visit an estancia (ranch), enjoy equestrian presentations, prepare an Argentine-style BBQ, eat empanadas, and take a polo clinic.