Coffee Triangle


At the Coffee Triangle (or Coffee Axis), you can find the world-famous Colombian coffee plantations, as well as ecological trails, landscapes dotted with wax-palm trees, theme parks, golf courses, and places for extreme sports. Drinking its coffee is far from being enough to get acquainted with the culture that prides itself on making the best coffee in the world. The best way to experience the culture of a region, whose charm is as rich as its coffee, is by enjoying its beautiful green landscapes, and taking in their calm, magnificence, and beauty.

Fun Facts

• The Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

• Colombia’s famous national tree, the wax palm, is found in the Coffee Triangle’s Cocora Valley.

• Have you ever heard about Juan Valdez? Yes, he is from this region!

Exclusive Experiences

• Tour a local coffee plantation on an open top Jeep Wrangler and learn how coffee is produced, from planting to roasting.

• Venture out on a spectacular trek through the Cocora Valley near Salento, which is a colorful and picturesque town.

• Enjoy a tasting of freshly brewed Colombian coffee.