Cali is the world’s salsa capital. Music and dance in Cali is what define the local culture and is the glue that unifies the racially diverse people of the city. Afro-Colombian heritage is rich in Cali, and it has influenced the locals’ passionate way of life. In this city you can find the 26-meter tall Christ The King statue, the hill of the Three Crosses, and the landscape of San Antonio. Cali will draw you in, even if you have two left feet.

Fun Facts

• The city sits on the Cauca Valley, and is the undisputed Colombian hub for businesses that ship goods on the Pacific Ocean, whose shores are close by. 

• For a taste of local cuisine, try some aborrajados and champus (not the hair product).

• A typical expression is Cali is Cali and the rest is mountains, ya hear, a phrase that conveys the local’s pride in being different from most of their fellow Colombians, which by and large live at higher altitudes.

Exclusive Experiences

• Enjoy water sports at the Calima Lake.

• Visit the Basilica of the Lord of Miracles, a pilgrimage site created by an inexplicable phenomenon attributed for centuries to divine intervention.

• Witness a performance of the world’s most renowned salsa show, Delirio.