Santa Marta


Sandy beaches, snow-capped mountains, and lush rainforests surround Santa Marta, Colombia’s oldest city. Dive along the vibrant Caribbean reefs, and when the sun goes down, venture into the nightlife Santa Marta has to offer. Visit the Tayrona National Park, a 12,000-hectare (30,000-acre) natural reserve, where on one side you have turquoise waters smashing against volcanic rock, and on the other, a verdant jungle. At Santa Marta, there is always something to do and enjoy, along the beautiful waters of the Caribbean sea.

Fun Facts

• Hidden within the Tayrona National Park, lies The Lost City, of the ancient Tayrona civilization. 

• It was in Santa Marta that Simon Bolivar, South America’s most renowned hero of the wars of independence from Spain, spent his last days. 

• The Santa Marta snow cap is the only place where snow can be seen from the tropical beaches of the Caribbean Sea coast, about 45 kilometers away.

Exclusive Experiences

• The mountains offer a perfect place for bird watching and 36 bird species can be found there.

• Visit the Rodadero distric to find shops selling Arhuaca and Kohi (tribes) handcrafts. 

• Trek through Tayrona jungle and rest by the crystalline waters.