The Iguazu Falls are situated on the border of Argentina and Brazil. The Iguazu National Park is an adventure complete with activities, pathways through the falls, an educational center, food courts, and shopping areas. Your groups can also easily cross into the Brazilian side for a completely different experience in one day, and if visas are required, that can be facilitated ahead of time. 

Fun Facts

• The Argentine side of the falls has a long walkway that leads to a gorge called The Devil’s Throat. 

• The name Iguazu comes from the Guarani native language meaning plentiful water.

• Legend has it that a deity sliced the river out of a jealous rage when his betrothed fled with her lover on a canoe, condemning them to an eternal fall.

Exclusive Experiences

• The Iguazu River flows onto the Parana River, which in turn flows through Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Charter a sunset river cruise and reach the meeting point of these three countries.

• Privatize one of the National Park’s “off-limits” sections for a surprise lunch alongside the falls. 

• Host a traditional dinner at the cultural center La Aripuca, where Brazilian, Argentine, and Paraguayan food and cultures come to life.