Just four decades ago, Cancun was a deserted island and few knew of its existence. The exact name of the place even offered doubts: on some maps the name of the site appeared as 'Kankun,' Mayan for  “pot of snakes” or “nest of snakes.” A Caribbean destination, Cancun’s climate is hot practically all year round, with the average temperature around 24 ° - 25 ° C (75 ° - 77 ° F).

Fun Facts

· Mayan ruins can be found in Cancun's Hotel Zone.  The archaeological site of El Rey is the largest site in the Hotel Zone.

· Cancun's airport is the second busiest in Mexico (only Mexico City's airport is busier) and has the most international traffic of any airport in Latin America.

· Since 1989, Cancun has become the most dynamic city in the country, with one of the highest percentages of tourist currencies entering Mexico.

Exclusive Experiences

· Visit MUSA Underwater Museum of Art, the largest underwater museum in the world.

· Charter a private sailboat and get a taste of sailing, snorkeling and swimming in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea; then stop for lunch at the Beach Club in Isla Mujeres.

· Experience the cultural heritage and the most festive traditions of Mexico iat Xochimilco, Cancún.