Guadalajara is a city of folklore, colors, and contrasts where the modern mingles with the past. A city of culture and colonial architecture, it is a magical place whose mariachis, tequila, and traditional hospitality are its best emblems. 

Fun Facts

· This is the birthplace of two of Mexico’s most famous exports — mariachi music and tequila.

· The city is nicknamed The Pearl of the West and The City of Roses.

· Guadalajara is one of the country’s industrial and business centers and is sometimes referred to as Mexico’s Silicon Valley.

Exclusive Experiences

· Reserve the Regional Museum for an exclusive cocktail reception or dinner.

· Visit Lienzo Charro Jalisco for a unique Charro experience: enjoy a Charreada presentation, learn to be a Charro, ride a horse wearing a sombrero, and do a Charro’s oath.  

· Be part of the tequila tradition, by visiting the old industrial facilities of Tequila: learn about the process, enjoy a tequila tasting, and have lunch in one of the tequila haciendas.