El Calafate


El Calafate is a town near the edge of the Southern Patagonian ice field along Lake Argentino. It is the gateway to the region’s spectacular ice fields, Los Glaciares National Park. Home to the massive ice-blue Perito Moreno Glacier, its ever-shifting icy landscape is without a doubt the most popular and impressive sight of all. The Perito Moreno glacier is not only a sight to be seen, but also an experience to be lived through ice trekking, hiking, and additional unique activities. 

Fun Facts

• The name of the city is derived from a little bush that is very common in Patagonia called the calafate. 

• Flamingos are regularly seen from El Calafate congregating alongside the Lake Argentino.

• The town of El Calafate was on the path of the total solar eclipse of July 11, 2010.

Exclusive Experiences

• Visit a Patagonian estancia (ranch) to experience the traditions of the locals such as wool production, sheep shearing, and a folkloric show by local artists. 

• See the spectacular ice barrier from another angle through the glacier safari sailing experience. 

• Stop for a drink at Glacio Bar, an ice bar with temperatures so far below zero that the maximum stay is 20 minutes.