The Aconcagua Mountain, the highest peak in the world excepting the Himalayas, commands a presence as it dominates this tranquil and vineyard-lined region of Argentina. There is no question that Mendoza’s greatest attractions are its wineries and everything that surrounds this delectable experience. Nevertheless, Mendoza also has great outdoor activities such as hiking and rafting, which are great compliments to these world-renowned vineyards. Enjoy the great Argentine outdoors, stellar natural landscapes, and the best glass of Malbec in the world, all in Mendoza.

Fun Facts

• Mendoza’s main industries are olive oil production and wine making. 

• The region of greater Mendoza is the largest wine-producing region in all of Latin America.

• Mendoza is one of nine cities included in the global network of Great Capitals of Wine.

Exclusive Experiences

• Visit the finest wineries in Mendoza with a privatized tour and your own sommelier.  

• Ride into the sunset, and towards your next glass of wine, with privatized horseback riding tours. 

• Experience every part of the valley with an adventure program. Half way through your day, a typical BBQ can be arranged to be ready with refreshments for lunch.